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We handle the Property Management of a range of Commercial properties in Adelaide, including Offices, Warehouses, and Factories, and can help you in getting the maximum return out of your commercial investment property.

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What sets Peoples’ Choice Property Management apart from its competitors? Unlike other real estate companies which mainly focus on sales, Peoples’ Choice Property Management is a ‘standalone’ Property Management Company in Adelaide. This means we are not limited like other sales and property management franchise companies to only work in one area. It allows us to set our own fees and allows us to be flexible in the successful management of your property wherever your investment is located in Adelaide.

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What You Get with Peoples’ Choice Property Management

Selecting High Quality Tenants
Selecting a quality tenant for your commercial property is of the utmost importance to not only you but to us as your commercial property manager. We take the selection process very seriously and make all endeavours to verify all information provided by the applicant. We feel it is important for the landlord to be involved in the letting process and the final decision is always ultimately the landlords. Our commercial property management tenant selection is detailed, efficient, and effective, to ensure we place only the best quality tenants in your investment property.

Zero Tolerance on Rental Arrears
Our strict tenant selection procedures mean our percentage of tenants in arrears is always very minimal. Should a tenant fall into arrears, your Commercial Property Management Team will enforce the relevant guidelines and procedures to help resolve the problem as quickly as possible with little, or ideally no impact to our landlords. Should a tenant not vacate or rectify a breach, we organise the relevant legal notices and eviction through our Commercial Bailiff.

We differ from many Commercial Property Management firms in that we also have extended recovery systems to retrieve outstanding funds from tenants, by referring them to accredited debt collection agencies.

Programs & Applications
We feel it is important to implement the best technology into our business to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients and ease of communication and function with tenants. We utilise a range of Commercial Property Management Software to achieve seamless management of your property, including:
– PropertyMe latest integrated software
– Inspection Manager Digital Inspection Reporting Software
– Online Portal for Landlord and Tenants for Communication
– Secure document storage with in PropertyMe
– TICA – the Largest Tenant Screening service in Australia
– 1form – Tenancy Application Management System

Advertising Your Property
We appreciate that with an investment property any vacancy period is costing you money, which is why here at Peoples Choice Property Management every effort is made to ensure your property is let for the best possible weekly return in the shortest possible time-frame to a quality tenant. We feel that our marketing and structure helps immensely with enabling us to achieve this for you

Internet Marketing This is by far the largest and most effective tool available to us, and is very effective. We will list your property on a number of fantastic property websites, including but not limited to;
– (we are proudly associated with First National Peoples’ Choice)

Property Management Fees
Property Management Fee structures can become confusing, stressful and expensive once you add up and consider all of the “extra” unexpected charges that seem to pop up every month. We believe in complete transparency with our fee structure with no hidden or unexpected administration charges above our management percentage.

With our Commercial Property Management Services, you Commercial Property Management fees will consist of a Management Fee, Letting Fee, and Lease Renewal Fee. We do not charge Advertising Fees or Administration Fees.

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