Peoples’ Choice Property Management Adelaide

Peoples’ Choice Property Management is an Adelaide Property Management company which manages all aspects of property management for your investment property and service all of Adelaide with Agents in the North, South, East and West of Adelaide, with our head office in Gawler.

Who We Are

Peoples’ Choice Property Management opened its doors in December of 2008.  It originally comprised of only 2 staff and a rent role you could count on one hand. The directors had a vision and with this vision in place it was obvious in a matter of time the rent role would grow rapidly.


Our staffing levels have over doubled since we opened our doors and we now have dedicated staff who are all fully trained in all aspects of Property Management.  The team at Peoples’ Choice Property Management is committed to providing exceptional service to all clients.

What We Do

What sets Peoples’ Choice Property Management apart from its competitors?  Unlike other real estate companies which mainly focus on sales, Peoples’ Choice Property Management is a ‘standalone’ company.  This means we are not limited like other sales and property management franchise companies to only work in one area.  It allows us to set our own fees and allows us to be flexible in the successful management of your property wherever your investment is located in Adelaide. Request an obligation free apprasial of your rental property today from the team at Peoples’ Choice Property Management.


Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act Legislation

There have been some significant changes to the Residential Tenancies Act which have an impact on landlords and tenants. The Act allows a grace period of two months for these changes to be implemented. Peoples Choice Property Management are implementing procedures to ensure the changes are adhered to. For further information, please click here to view a summary of the changes. There will be further reforms to come in the 2014 to 2015 period, and we will keep you updated on these.